Dave Meltzer Speaks About Wrestlers Taking Too Many Risks


Dave Meltzer Speaks About Wrestlers Taking Too Many Risks
Dave Meltzer Speaks About Wrestlers Taking Too Many Risks

In the world of professional wrestling, wrestlers regularly put their bodies on the line to execute spectacular moves. Wrestlers are usually encouraged to do this by their promotions! This is because competition these days is fierce!

Dave Meltzer Talks About Why Wrestlers Do Not Need to Take Risks to Get Over

AEW is trying their best to be as large as the WWE. In order to do that, they are trying to be as unique as possible. AEW wrestlers usually take risks and perform dangerous moves regularly, which is something that WWE wrestlers do not.

This is because risky moves can result in career ending injuries. Dave Meltzer recently spoke about the risks that many wrestlers are taking these days to stand out. According to Dave, wrestlers can get seriously injured at some point.

He spoke about Santos Escobar and Mustafa Ali’s match. He stated that the match was great but can still be overlooked. "They did as good as you're going to do in nine minutes," he said. "They were just doing some spectacular things.

The crowd was into them, [but] nobody talked about it the next day. Nobody even talked about it during. I go, 'Oh my God! What a great match!' And it was, but is it better than 10 other matches we saw that week? It wasn't, so like I said, it is so hard to get over." Dave Meltzer does not believe that wrestlers need to always use spectacular moves to get over.

This does not work all the time, according to him. "Guys are going farther and farther for less and less rewards," he continued. "That's the sad part of it. The injury rate bothers me. Mick Foley did this thing [in the Hell In A Cell and] he made his whole career off of that one match.

Now guys will try to copy that and they're just gonna get injured ... It's guys who are just trying to get over on their spectacularness. And because there's so much spectacularness, it's hard to get over that way. For young guys, I would say learn to make your wrestling look good, but really work on your mic work.

But even then, only a couple [of] guys get that chance to do the mic work." Mic work is a very important part of professional wrestling. In fact, it can be argued that people who are good on the mic do not need to perform very well in the ring.

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