Malakai Black Speaks About Buddy Matthews Being Underrated


Malakai Black Speaks About Buddy Matthews Being Underrated
Malakai Black Speaks About Buddy Matthews Being Underrated

Buddy Matthews was known as Buddy Murphy while he was working at the WWE. He is currently an AEW wrestler and is part of the House of Black, a group led by popular former WWE talent Malakai Black. Black recently spoke about Buddy, and he believes the AEW fans do not realize how good Buddy is.

Buddy, Black, and Brody King currently hold the AEW Trios Title.

Malakai Black Shares His Thoughts on Why Buddy is Underrated

"I don't think people appreciate how good Buddy is," Black said on "The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish." "Buddy has always been seen as a guy that makes others look good.

But you [Bobby Fish] and I both know that it takes two to tango ... Just because he has so much body control for a guy the size of him, he makes everything look fantastic. "When it comes to the sheer ability and athleticism, I think Buddy Matthews is one of the best in this current era.

And not because we're in a group, not because he's one of my best friends, but just from a pro wrestling standpoint from being in the ring with him”. "Him and me have a lot of very similar philosophies in wrestling ...

We'll butt heads, but all, for the most part, we have a very same idea on selling, we have a very same idea on psychology, we have a very same idea of how to implement what. Very detailed. I genuinely think that people need to realize how damn good he is.

He's really, really something unique." Buddy fought Andrade El Idolo on AEW Collision recently. Black believed that Buddy’s performance during the match was very consistent. "When it comes to Buddy, I think it's — and I have to say this delicately without — this is a form of criticism that I think is usable and also understood by him," Black said.

"I think it's the ability to take a step forward and separate himself in terms of being an elite character. Where I feel like people automatically come [and] flock to me because there's a level of confidence. And don't get me wrong, Buddy has all the confidence in the world”.

Buddy has not been part of any major storylines as a solo wrestler. He has been regularly featured with The House of Black, but he isn’t know for his solo performances yet, even though he was well-known for his solo wrestling skills in WWE.

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