Andrade El Idolo Advocates for AEW Collision's Own World Title, Revels in His Role


Andrade El Idolo Advocates for AEW Collision's Own World Title, Revels in His Role

Andrade El Idolo, a pro-wrestling superstar in AEW, recently took to social media to applaud the budding success of AEW's newest offering, Collision. He lauded the program for achieving in mere three weeks what some wrestling companies take years to accomplish.

Andrade's post was not only a celebration of the meteoric rise of AEW Collision but also an open letter expressing his profound respect for all AEW talents. "Andrade El Idolo is AEW Collision. The roster and I have an unyielding love for our locker room," stated the luchador.

"In three weeks, we've accomplished what others have taken four years or less to achieve. Our success is rooted in our passion for wrestling and the fierce competitive spirit that permeates every corner of AEW."

El Idolo Praises AEW Collision's Success

The wrestling superstar emphasized how healthy competition benefits the talents and the entire company.

He suggested that the secret to the show's early success lies in the hands of those who prepared the inaugural AEW Collision show in Chicago, pitching the idea that they should helm the program every week. El Idolo also ignited fans' imaginations by envisioning a roster of dream matches that could take place in AEW Collision, presenting a compelling list of potential opponents.

From Samoa Joe to CM Punk, Miro Day to Scorpion, Ricky Starks to Hobbs, and more, Andrade's vision is a testament to the incredible talent pool within the organization. In a fascinating twist, Andrade is excited about the imminent return of Thunder Rosa, suggesting a possible showdown between her and Julia Hart.

A bold proposal then followed this thrilling prospect. El Idolo pitched introducing an individual world championship for AEW Collision, referencing CM Punk's undefeated legacy as a potential benchmark for the new title. His post sparked a spirited discussion among fans and wrestling pundits alike, generating anticipation and excitement for the evolution of AEW Collision.

Andrade El Idolo's dedication to his craft and his love for AEW Collision is evident, and his ideas could shape the future of this exciting new venture.

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