AEW Pro Wrestler Switches to Babyface on Collision


AEW Pro Wrestler Switches to Babyface on Collision
AEW Pro Wrestler Switches to Babyface on Collision

In a dramatic turn of events on tonight's episode of AEW Collision, Powerhouse Hobbs switched to the babyface side, stirring up the dynamics of the ongoing wrestling narratives. The pivot happened during a significant match in the Owen Hart Tournament, wherein Hobbs faced Ricky Starks in a high-stakes showdown.

The thrilling match was further intensified by the presence of QT Marshall at ringside, whose loyalties were ostensibly with Hobbs. However, when Marshall attempted to intervene to Hobbs's advantage, his strategy drastically misfired.

In a swift turn of events, Starks capitalized on the chaos to land a decisive spear off the ropes, clinching a stunning victory that left the audience in awe.

Hobbs Confronts Marshall Post-Match

The dramatic twists didn't stop there.

After the match, in an unexpected display of aggression, Hobbs physically confronted Marshall, prompting Aaron Solow to step into the ring. It seemed like Hobbs was on the verge of attacking Marshall, a situation that was averted when Harley Cameron intervened.

Cameron put herself between the two, effectively saving Marshall from a potential beatdown. This move added a significant layer of complexity to the narrative, demonstrating the nuanced character dynamics at play in AEW. This surprising change of heart from Hobbs was met with intrigue by fans and pundits alike.

Hobbs, who has been seen as one of the promising talents in AEW, is believed to be on the precipice of a significant push in his career. AEW management is reportedly high on him, viewing him as a potential key player in future narratives.

Consequently, Hobbs's switch to the babyface role seems to mark a fresh start in his trajectory, opening up exciting new possibilities for his character. This sudden turn of events illustrates the unpredictability and dynamism of the wrestling world, keeping fans constantly on their toes.

As the narratives evolve, it will be fascinating to see how Hobbs's fresh start impacts the future course of AEW. Will this babyface turn help Hobbs ascend to new heights in his career, or will it introduce new challenges? Only time will tell.