Long-Awaited Return: AEW Superstar Resurfaces After Year-Long Absence


Long-Awaited Return: AEW Superstar Resurfaces After Year-Long Absence
Long-Awaited Return: AEW Superstar Resurfaces After Year-Long Absence

AEW Collision provides a platform for underutilized talents within the company to reclaim the spotlight, and it appears that a former champion is seizing this opportunity with gusto. Scorpio Sky, an integral member of the AEW roster since its inception in 2019, emerged as one of the company's brightest stars.

Alongside his partner Frankie Kazarian, he etched his name in the history books as the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions by defeating the formidable Lucha Brothers in a riveting tournament final held in October 2019. Following the dissolution of SCU, Sky joined forces with Ethan Page to form the formidable tag team known as The Men of the Year.

Their alliance bore fruit, propelling Sky to capture the prestigious TNT Championship while aligning himself with the astute strategist Dan Lambert.

Sky Devastating Loss: A Year of Absence

However, on the fateful evening of July 6, 2022, during an electrifying episode of Dynamite, Scorpio Sky suffered a heartbreaking loss as he relinquished the TNT Championship to the dominant Wardlow.

Subsequently, he mysteriously vanished from the AEW television screens, leaving fans and pundits alike speculating about his absence for well over a year. Now, defying all expectations, Scorpio Sky has made his long-awaited comeback.

Despite finding himself in what he humorously deemed "possibly the worst town he's ever been in," namely Regina, Saskatchewan, Sky demonstrated resilience and determination, emerging victorious in his return to the AEW ring.

His triumph came in the form of a hard-fought victory over the talented competitor Action Andretti during an exhilarating Collision event. In addition to Sky's triumphant return, Collision witnessed the highly anticipated semi-finals of the men's Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, further escalating the excitement within the AEW universe.

Furthermore, the event set the stage for a colossal AEW Tag Team Title match, with the formidable Bullet Club Gold securing a momentous victory, intensifying the anticipation for this epic showdown. As AEW Collision continues to deliver electrifying moments, fans eagerly await the unfolding chapters of Scorpio Sky's journey and the thrilling clashes that lie ahead in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and the AEW Tag Team Title scene.