Grateful to Thunder Rosa: Madi Wrenkowski's AEW Opportunity

Texas Trio AEW Journey: Thunder Rosa's Mentorship Takes Center Stage

by Noman Rasool
Grateful to Thunder Rosa: Madi Wrenkowski's AEW Opportunity

In a recent Under The Ring Podcast interview, rising NWA star Madi Wrenkowski expressed her deep gratitude towards Thunder Rosa for playing a pivotal role in her journey to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Fondly recalling their first encounter, which took place during her early days working for Rosa's Mission Pro Wrestling promotion in San Antonio, Wrenkowski highlighted Rosa's profound influence on her career.

Dynamic Mentorship: Jazz and Thunder Rosa's Impact

Wrenkowski reminisced about her initial introduction to Thunder Rosa, where she vividly remembered the presence of wrestling legend Jazz, who had been instrumental in her training.

Jazz and Rosa had formed a dynamic partnership dedicated to mentoring aspiring talents and providing valuable guidance. Wrenkowski had the privilege of meeting Thunder Rosa during her first match at Mission Pro Wrestling, an all-women's promotion that continues to thrive today.

As the conversation unfolded, Wrenkowski credited Thunder Rosa with opening the door to her AEW opportunity alongside fellow wrestlers Jazmin Allure and Vert Vixen. Describing themselves as the "Texas Trio," Wrenkowski emphasized how Rosa had been instrumental in paving their path to success.

She affectionately recalled how Rosa extended her support and belief in their abilities, encouraging them to pursue their dreams within the prestigious AEW organization. Drawing a parallel between their collaboration and a powerful metaphor, Wrenkowski expressed that the Texas Trio had fearlessly kicked it down while Thunder Rosa had knocked on the door.

Through their sheer determination and unwavering commitment, they had made a lasting impression on AEW's decision-makers, who continued extending invitations for their promotion participation. The impact of Thunder Rosa's mentorship extended beyond the professional realm, as Wrenkowski highlighted the profound personal growth she experienced under Rosa's guidance.

Their bond over time elevated Wrenkowski's wrestling skills and instilled deep gratitude and respect toward her mentor. As Madi Wrenkowski continues to make her mark in AEW, she recognizes the immeasurable debt she owes to Thunder Rosa.

Rosa played a pivotal role in shaping Wrenkowski's career trajectory through her unwavering support and influential network, allowing her to thrive on the grand stage of AEW. With heartfelt appreciation, Wrenkowski's journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the lasting impact that Thunder Rosa has had on her life.

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