Konnan Reviews Ospreay/Omega Clash, Tiger Driver at AEW X NJPW Event


Konnan Reviews Ospreay/Omega Clash, Tiger Driver at AEW X NJPW Event
Konnan Reviews Ospreay/Omega Clash, Tiger Driver at AEW X NJPW Event

Amidst ongoing discussions of the much-talked-about 2023 AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door wrestling event, the Tiger Driver 91 move executed by Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega has caused a significant stir. Notably, the spot concluded with Omega landing on his neck, a risky move that has been widely debated in wrestling circles.

Seasoned wrestling icon, Konnan, aired his thoughts on the matter in a recent "K100" podcast episode, expressing his dismay over the hazardous stunt. Reflecting on the perilous maneuver, Konnan pointed out the risk these wrestlers were willing to take.

"There must be a part of you that craves danger, thrills, and keeps luck as a constant companion if you're going to allow another wrestler to land their full weight on your neck," he opined. "The likelihood of injury—of paralysis, fractures, or tearing something—is high.

To me, it's just a dangerous game they're playing."

Konnan Critiques Wrestlers' Risk-Taking

Konnan further elaborated on the mindset of such wrestlers who are willing to gamble with their health for the sake of entertainment.

"You have to remember," he said, "there are those who do not care about self-preservation or the possibility of injuries. Their goal is to provide a realistic spectacle for the fans, and they're willing to face real harm to achieve it.

They're prepared to be knocked out in the process." Despite expressing concern over the daring Tiger Driver 91 move, Konyan didn't shy away from admitting that he was eager to watch the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door for two specific matches: Omega vs.

Ospreay and Bryan Danielson vs. Kazuchika Okada. His expectations were met, and although he found enjoyment in the bloody showdown of the IWGP U.S. title bout, he did express some dissatisfaction. Konnan was critical of Don Callis's early ejection from the ringside, which in his eyes lacked any meaningful consequence.

Despite being sent off, Callis returned later during the event, a move that Konnan felt undermined the gravity of the initial action. It was a wrinkle in an otherwise thrilling event that held wrestling fans in rapt attention around the globe.

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