Kenny Omega Vision: Distinct AEW All Out & All In Shows

Kenny Omega shares insights on AEW event plans and roster diversity.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kenny Omega Vision: Distinct AEW All Out & All In Shows

Kenny Omega, renowned AEW superstar, recently shared his thoughts with Uproxx about the upcoming AEW's All In and All Out events, stressing his desire for each to convey a unique atmosphere. These events, scheduled just one week apart and set on different continents, should maintain a unique aura, according to the star.

Omega clarified that his perspective doesn't imply a bifurcation of the roster between the two events, or showcasing completely different talent in each. Instead, he advocates for distinct, marquee matches that encapsulate the essence and spirit of each individual event.

"The essence of this approach," Omega explained, "is to spotlight matches that are unique and extraordinary for one evening, and then highlight different, equally compelling bouts at the other event." The much-anticipated All In will mark AEW's inaugural venture into the United Kingdom, staged at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London.

A week later, All Out will make its triumphant return to Chicago, with the United Center serving as the backdrop.

Omega Vision for Diversity

Delving deeper into his vision, Omega expanded upon his aspiration for each event to be distinctive.

In his opinion, this approach would effectively distribute opportunities among the vast, diverse roster, given the sheer abundance of talent. "The continuous repetition of the same 20 or 30 performers," Omega argued, "leaves a multitude of exceptional athletes merely watching from the sidelines, waiting for their moment in the spotlight.

However, I'm confident that we'll witness some faces at one event that won't feature at the other. I perceive this positively, as it allows AEW fans, and wrestling enthusiasts in general, the opportunity to see a broader array of talent." Omega's remarks shed light on his passionate commitment to diversifying the wrestling landscape, ultimately enriching the viewer's experience by delivering fresh and intriguing matchups.

His proposed approach underscores his belief in the value of every wrestler on the roster, and his commitment to ensuring that they each have their moment to shine.

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