AEW Matt Hardy Dubs WWE Stars 'Blackpool Combat Club


AEW Matt Hardy Dubs WWE Stars 'Blackpool Combat Club
AEW Matt Hardy Dubs WWE Stars 'Blackpool Combat Club

WWE's historic Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view in 2017 featured a star-studded lineup, including a tag team Iron Man match between Matt and Jeff Hardy, popularly known as The Hardy Boyz, and Sheamus and Cesaro of The Bar.

Reflecting on that intense feud, Matt Hardy recently drew a parallel between The Bar and Cesaro's current AEW faction, dubbing them the "original Blackpool Combat Club." In an episode of his podcast, "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the veteran wrestler expressed admiration for Sheamus and Cesaro's physicality and tenacity inside the ring.

Recalling their matches, Hardy emphasized the punishing nature of their encounters and the expectation of a grueling night for anyone stepping into the ring with them. While acknowledging their abilities, he highlighted his preference for a more entertaining approach, particularly in TV matches, as he views himself as an entertainer at this stage of his career.

Explosive WrestleMania 33 Clash

The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 and immediately found themselves embroiled in a heated rivalry with The Bar. The two teams engaged in a series of intense battles, including four-way matches, singles contests, and a climactic steel cage match at Extreme Rules, which saw Sheamus and Cesaro emerge victorious as the "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champions.

Looking back on their time working together, Hardy had nothing but praise for his formidable opponents. He commended their strong work ethics and their dedication to presenting a realistic wrestling experience. Both Sheamus and Cesaro embraced a physically demanding style, forging a bond based on their shared commitment to delivering hard-hitting performances.

However, when discussing Cesaro's career trajectory, Hardy voiced his lack of surprise at the Swiss Superstar's inability to reach sustained top-level success in WWE. According to Hardy, WWE chairman Vince McMahon prioritizes the entertainment aspect of wrestling over the in-ring prowess, which may have hindered Cesaro's progress.

McMahon allegedly viewed Cesaro more as a pure wrestler rather than an entertainer, making it difficult for him to ascend to the pinnacle of the company. In contrast, Sheamus enjoyed a relatively rapid rise due to his ability to quickly absorb knowledge, his positive attitude, and his strong work ethic.

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