Malakai Black Reveals Underrated AEW Star Overlooked by Fans


Malakai Black Reveals Underrated AEW Star Overlooked by Fans
Malakai Black Reveals Underrated AEW Star Overlooked by Fans

Since joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2021, Malakai Black has been embraced by the fans, receiving a warm reception from the AEW audience. However, Black believes that one of his fellow wrestlers is not receiving the recognition he deserves from the fans.

During an appearance on The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish, Malakai Black spoke highly of Buddy Matthews, emphasizing his exceptional in-ring skills and his ability to elevate his opponents' performances, regardless of who they are.

Unleashing Buddy Matthews' Underrated Brilliance

Black expressed his belief that Matthews is often overlooked as someone who simply makes others look good, emphasizing that it takes two talented individuals to create a captivating wrestling match.

Black commended Matthews for his remarkable body control, considering his size, and he praised his ability to make everything look fantastic inside the ring. In terms of pure ability and athleticism, Black regarded Buddy Matthews as one of the best in the current era of professional wrestling.

Black clarified that his appreciation for Matthews' talent is not influenced by their friendship or their affiliation in a group together, but rather stems from their shared wrestling philosophies. They both possess similar ideas regarding selling, psychology, and implementation of their craft.

Black asserted that Matthews deserves recognition for his unique and exceptional abilities. Matthews' most recent match took place on the inaugural episode of AEW Collision, where he faced off against Andrade El Idolo in a valiant, albeit unsuccessful, effort.

Despite being competitors in different wrestling companies, Black also had positive remarks about Randy Orton. Malakai Black's endorsement of Buddy Matthews sheds light on the underappreciated talent within AEW. As fans continue to embrace Black's presence, it serves as a reminder to give credit where it is due and to acknowledge the remarkable skills of his fellow wrestlers, such as the talented Buddy Matthews.

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