Angelico on Singing with AEW

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Angelico on Singing with AEW

Angelico is a former Lucha Underground superstar. He announced earlier this week that he has signed with All Elite Wrestling. Angelico was working in Europe before that, and he stated that he was looking for a change. Before he made the announcement he was with the German Wrestling Federation to talk about AEW and how much he thinks it means for the wrestling industry.

"Anything that's new in wrestling—much like Lucha Underground—has a bit of a boom around it because the same companies and the same wrestlers have been around for decades now," Angelico said. "So, whenever a new company comes in and they offer something new I think that always has something interesting to it.

You kind of don't know where it's going to go, you sort of have to play it by year and I've always kind of been like that in life”. Angelico also spoke about working really hard and stated that he doesn’t have an end goal.

He just wants to progress and be a better person according to him. "I work as hard as I can day-to-day, but don't have an end goal. It's just every day, just a process of trying to be a better person, trying to be a better wrestler and eventually I trust that will lead me to wherever I'm going to be” He believe AEW is where he will get better.