Matt Hardy: AEW Doesn't Require Weekly Bloodshed in Programming


Matt Hardy: AEW Doesn't Require Weekly Bloodshed in Programming
Matt Hardy: AEW Doesn't Require Weekly Bloodshed in Programming

In the world of professional wrestling, bloodshed has become a recurring element in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). However, there is a growing debate among pundits regarding the frequency and impact of this theatrical spectacle.

Shedding light on this topic, wrestling veteran Matt Hardy recently shared his thoughts on the matter during an episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy." Hardy expressed his belief that the use of blood should be strategic and not a weekly occurrence.

"I think bleeding and blood is best when it's used in the correct spaces and not every single week," explained Hardy. According to him, excessive use of blood can diminish its impact and render it less effective. He emphasized the significance of blood in specific scenarios, where it carries more weight and meaning.

Hardy expressed his view that blood should be sparingly employed, making it a special and memorable aspect of professional wrestling.

Respecting Diverse Artistic Expression

While Hardy advocates for a more conservative approach to blood, he made it clear that his personal preference should not discourage other wrestlers from exploring this element if they choose to do so.

Each performer has their own unique style and artistic expression, and Hardy acknowledges and respects that. One notable wrestler in AEW who frequently incorporates blood into his matches is former AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley.

Moxley holds a slightly different perspective on the usage of blood in professional wrestling. Considering wrestling as a combat sport, Moxley believes that the presence of blood adds a layer of realism to the performance. Given the physical risks wrestlers undertake, Moxley suggests that bleeding naturally occurs at some point.

He encourages his fellow wrestlers to embrace the element of bloodshed, albeit to a lesser degree, as it enhances the authenticity and intensity of their performances. In conclusion, while AEW programming has featured blood as a dramatic element, Matt Hardy believes that its usage should be thoughtfully executed and not overdone on a weekly basis.

Hardy's viewpoint emphasizes the power and significance of blood when employed in specific scenarios, enhancing the overall impact of the storytelling in professional wrestling. Meanwhile, Jon Moxley sees blood as a tool to add realism to the art form, encouraging wrestlers to embrace it to a reasonable extent.

Ultimately, the debate surrounding the inclusion of blood in AEW will continue as wrestlers navigate their artistic choices and strike a balance between spectacle and storytelling.

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