WWE Ex-Champ's Take on 'Very Dangerous' Kenny Omega Bump


WWE Ex-Champ's Take on 'Very Dangerous' Kenny Omega Bump

Former WWE and ECW champion weighs in on Tiger Driver 91 controversy during Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay's Forbidden Door match. The recent AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view event treated wrestling enthusiasts to an exhilarating showdown between the immensely talented Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay.

Their near 40-minute clash showcased their exceptional skills, captivating the audience from start to finish. However, it is not just the match itself that has the wrestling community buzzing. One particular spot during the bout has ignited a wave of controversy.

Ospreay executed a Tiger Driver on Omega, but the landing was unsettling as Omega ended up on his neck in an unconventional manner.

RVD's Take on Controversial Tiger Driver

Joining the discourse surrounding this contentious moment is none other than WWE Hall of Famer, Rob Van Dam.

Speaking on his podcast, "1 of a kind with RVD," the former ECW champion shared his perspective on Ospreay's Tiger Driver: "The bump was undeniably dangerous, the maneuver itself posed significant risks. I won't criticize anyone involved because I don't possess all the facts.

I won't pretend to know things I don't. It's important to note that I always pushed my limits and aimed to deliver impactful bumps, as my style revolved around action." Van Dam's illustrious career has been characterized by his willingness to take risks and execute high-flying, perilous maneuvers.

This philosophy remained consistent whether he competed in WWE, ECW, or any other promotion. Reflecting further on the Tiger Driver controversy, the former WWE champion recollected his own experiences with hazardous bumps, emphasizing the importance of executing them safely and responsibly: "I used to encourage my opponents to execute back suplexes where I'd land on the back of my head, with my knees bouncing off the mat upon impact.

I performed this move with wrestlers like Chris Jericho and during my time in All Japan. They understood how to make the most of it. While it may appear dangerous, it wasn't necessarily careless. Who knows?" Taking Van Dam's remarks into consideration, it becomes evident that he does not object to wrestlers taking risks, including dangerous bumps.

However, he emphasizes the need for caution and professionalism in their execution. The ongoing conversation surrounding the Tiger Driver 91 controversy reveals the intricacies of professional wrestling and the inherent risks involved.

As the industry progresses, it is crucial for performers to strike a balance between delivering compelling action and prioritizing the safety of themselves and their opponents.

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