Triple H's Fears: AEW Threatens Bray Wyatt's Return


Triple H's Fears: AEW Threatens Bray Wyatt's Return
Triple H's Fears: AEW Threatens Bray Wyatt's Return

The wrestling landscape has witnessed a growing exodus of talent towards Tony Khan's AEW, leaving WWE's Chief Content Officer Triple H in a precarious position. With multiple wrestlers opting for the Khan-led promotion, Triple H can ill afford to lose any more free agents, particularly if he wishes to safeguard his plans for Bray Wyatt's highly anticipated return.

Among the top free agents, one stands out as a potential game-changer: former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan, known by his moniker Erick Redbeard. Rowan and Bray Wyatt first made their mark on the main roster as integral members of the Wyatt Family faction.

Currently absent from the wrestling scene, Wyatt's return could greatly benefit from the support of his former faction member.

Wyatt's Original Character Resurgence

In a recent interview with Metro, wrestling legend The Undertaker put forth a compelling idea for Wyatt's comeback, suggesting a return to his original character.

The Deadman opined, "They need to back Bray's character up to the original character... The original Wyatt Family Bray, that's the money." Triple H should seriously consider this suggestion, as it was this incarnation of Bray Wyatt that resonated strongly with fans and catapulted him to stardom.

To ensure the success of Bray Wyatt's return, Triple H must leave no stone unturned in his quest to re-sign Erick Rowan and orchestrate their joint comeback. Upon their return, their first target should undoubtedly be Roman Reigns, the individual who dethroned Wyatt's alter ego, The Fiend, to become the Universal Champion.

However, Triple H's recent attempts to secure top talent have been met with disappointment. The WWE executive had previously expressed keen interest in signing Japanese sensation Kota Ibushi, whose contract with NJPW had expired in February.

Regrettably, Triple H failed to seal the deal, as the 40-year-old veteran opted to join The Elite in AEW. In a recent episode of Dynamite, the respective fifth and final members of both the Blackpool Combat Club (BCC) and The Elite were unveiled for their forthcoming Blood & Guts match.

The BCC welcomed back PAC as their fifth member, while Kenny Omega, the leader of The Elite, revealed Kota Ibushi as their ultimate addition. With Ibushi's arrival imminent, excitement is building among fans, as his inclusion promises to inject heart, passion, soul, friendship, and love into The Elite.

The highly anticipated Blood & Guts match, featuring this star-studded lineup, is scheduled to take place on the upcoming episode of Dynamite. As Triple H finds himself locked in a battle to secure top talent for WWE and prevent further losses to AEW, the fate of Bray Wyatt's return hangs in the balance.

The CCO must act swiftly and strategically to ensure that Wyatt's comeback plan remains intact, potentially by enticing Erick Rowan back into the fold. Only time will tell whether Triple H can rise to the occasion and secure the necessary reinforcements to fortify WWE's position in the ever-competitive world of professional wrestling.

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