Sonny Kiss on AEW Television Time and Diversity in Wrestling

Sonny Kiss Opens Up: AEW TV Time and Diversity in Wrestling

by Noman Rasool
Sonny Kiss on AEW Television Time and Diversity in Wrestling

Sonny Kiss, a 29-year-seasoned pro grappler, as of late drilled down into her involvement in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and her restricted TV time. In a meeting with Matt Cullen of Our Strange Life, Kiss resolved inquiries regarding her being straightforwardly trans-female and what it might have meant for her profession.

Kiss recognized that there had been a few changes in the booking, and keeping in mind that it may not necessarily in every case be exclusively about her orientation personality, she was unable to reject that she some of the time contemplated whether it assumed a part.

Likewise, she underscored that AEW President Tony Khan is a fair manager who upholds equity. That's what kiss trusts on the off chance that Khan didn't need her in the organization, he could not have possibly recruited her in any case.

"I comprehend why they would agree that that, yet Tony Khan is an exceptionally fair chief and is supportive of equity," Kiss made sense of. "When I return to contemplating that, he employed me, not in light of who I am, but since I'm a damn decent grappler.

Things will go through your head constantly. As an ordinary person, we all have these emotional well-being emergencies. Truth be told, if he didn't need me in the organization, I wouldn't be there."

Sonny Kiss: Talent Over Identity

While examining the chance of being viewed as a variety recruit, Kiss recognized that variety can assume a part in open positions, remembering for the wrestling business.

Notwithstanding, she likewise accentuated that AEW wouldn't recruit or keep somebody exclusively founded on their character. Kiss accepts that ability is urgent, and keeping in mind that variety is significant, it ought to be joined with individual expertise and legitimacy.

"A little piece of keeping our positions or having position is most certainly a variety thing, without a doubt, however I will say this: AEW, specifically, won't employ you since you're that," Kiss expressed. "They won't keep you since you're that.

It's perfect to have, but at the same time it's perfect to have them when they have ability, and we as a whole do." Sonny Kiss thanked her for the open doors she has had with AEW and recognized the significance of ability and difficult work in getting her situation inside the organization.

While she recognized the intricacies of the wrestling business and the difficulties looked by people from different foundations, Kiss stays hopeful about her future and the potential for more noteworthy consideration and open doors in proficient wrestling.