AEW Star Challenges Charlotte Flair to Epic Wrestling Showdown!


AEW Star Challenges Charlotte Flair to Epic Wrestling Showdown!
AEW Star Challenges Charlotte Flair to Epic Wrestling Showdown!

The wrestling world has been buzzing with speculation about potential collaborations between WWE and AEW, and one AEW star has revealed their dream opponent if such a crossover were to happen. Britt Baker, former AEW Women's Champion, recently discussed her dream matches in an interview with Mark Andrews on My Love Letter To Wrestling, where she expressed her desire to step into the ring with Charlotte Flair, a prominent WWE Superstar.

While the forbidden door has already opened between AEW and NJPW, allowing for exciting cross-promotional matchups, the prospect of WWE and AEW working together remains a tantalizing possibility that fans and wrestlers alike eagerly anticipate.

Baker, known for her charismatic personality and in-ring skills, shared her admiration for both Flair and IMPACT Wrestling's Deonna Purrazzo, whom she also named as a dream opponent. Speaking about Purrazzo, Baker affectionately referred to her as one of her best friends and expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to face her in a forbidden door scenario, especially at Wembley Arena, a legendary venue in the wrestling world.

However, it was Baker's words about Charlotte Flair that captured attention.

Baker's Admiration for Flair

Expressing her deep respect for Flair, Baker praised her as one of the best to ever grace the squared circle, highlighting her ability to consistently prove doubters wrong.

Baker admired Flair's remarkable skill, unyielding determination, and graceful demeanor, which served as an inspiration for her own career. The prospect of a match between Baker and Flair holds tremendous appeal, given the impressive accolades and global recognition that Flair has earned throughout her time in the wrestling industry.

In fact, a WWE Hall of Famer recently hailed Flair as the best overall wrestler in the world, further solidifying her status as a top-tier competitor. As fans and industry insiders continue to speculate on the potential collaborations between WWE and AEW, the desire expressed by Britt Baker to share the ring with Charlotte Flair adds fuel to the excitement.

Wrestling enthusiasts can only hope that the forbidden door between these two wrestling giants may one day open, allowing for dream matchups that were once unimaginable. Until then, the anticipation remains high as the wrestling world eagerly awaits the possibility of witnessing this epic clash between two immensely talented and highly regarded athletes.

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