Dave Meltzer Analyzes AEW Potential Expanded PPV Schedule

Industry Expert Dave Meltzer Analyzes AEW's Potential PPV Transition.

by Atia Mukhtar
Dave Meltzer Analyzes AEW Potential Expanded PPV Schedule

In a recent development, it has been revealed that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is engaged in negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery for a new TV deal. These discussions have encompassed the possibility of increasing AEW's pay-per-view (PPV) event schedule, potentially transitioning to a monthly format.

This revelation has sparked speculation and curiosity within the wrestling community, prompting renowned journalist Dave Meltzer to share his analysis during a segment on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer's Insights on AEW's Potential PPV Shift

Meltzer, known for his in-depth understanding of the industry, offered his insights on the matter.

He pondered the potential benefits of such a move, particularly if the deal involves AEW's shows shifting from traditional pay-per-view to the WarnerMedia streaming platform, Max. By doing so, AEW aims to mitigate subscription cancellations that often accompany frequent PPV events.

Meltzer highlighted the importance of the deal structure, emphasizing that if Max guarantees AEW the revenue they would generate from 12 traditional pay-per-views, it would be a prudent decision for the promotion. Discussing the various possibilities, Meltzer suggested that if Max were to adopt a model similar to ESPN+ and purchase AEW events as pay-per-view offerings, it would still be advantageous for AEW as they would secure guaranteed revenue.

He further acknowledged the option of following WWE's approach, wherein pay-per-views are included as part of the streaming service, reiterating that a guaranteed revenue stream would be crucial for AEW, regardless of the specific deal structure.

Additionally, Meltzer noted that Warner Bros. Discovery has a vested interest in AEW's pay-per-views since they currently handle American pay-per-view streaming through Bleacher Report Live. However, he emphasized that while discussions are ongoing, no definitive agreement has been reached yet.

Expanding the scope of the negotiations, Meltzer also touched upon the broader implications for AEW's future TV deal with Warner Bros. Discovery. He highlighted the significance of viewership ratings, particularly for AEW Collision, a show that airs on Saturdays.

Meltzer pointed out that drawing strong ratings on Saturdays, despite potential competition from live sports and movie broadcasts on TNT, is crucial for AEW's bargaining power in securing a favorable contract with Warner Bros. Discovery or even attracting offers from other networks or companies.

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