AEW Star Advocates for Women's Blood & Guts Showdown

AEW star Britt Baker expresses fervent desire for groundbreaking match.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Star Advocates for Women's Blood & Guts Showdown

In an exciting development within the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), prominent women's wrestler Britt Baker D.M.D. has voiced her fervent desire for the company to pioneer the first-ever Women's Blood & Guts Match.

With the highly anticipated third edition of the Blood & Guts event on the horizon, set to electrify fans on July 19th in Boston, the anticipation surrounding this novel concept continues to grow. Known as AEW's rendition of the WarGames match, this intense showdown entails two formidable cages encasing the ring, featuring ten wrestlers battling relentlessly to force their adversaries into submission.

During the recent episode of AEW Dynamite, it was revealed that the Blackpool Combat Club would welcome the addition of Pac to their ranks, while The Elite would be bolstered by the presence of Kota Ibushi, forming The Golden Elite.

Mirroring the preceding two editions of Blood & Guts, this year's installment will spotlight feuding factions, ensuring an explosive clash of rivalries. Britt Baker D.M.D., an esteemed member of AEW's women's division, has undeniably established herself as a top-tier star since the company's inception over four years ago.

As a former AEW Women's Champion, her undeniable talent has consistently graced television screens, captivating audiences worldwide.

Baker Enthusiastically Backs Women's Blood & Guts Match

In a recent interview on the My Love Letter To Wrestling podcast with Mark Andrews, Baker expressed her eagerness to witness a Women's Blood & Guts Match in AEW, conveying her admiration for the spectacle it would create.

With passion in her voice, she stated, "Blood & Guts would be awesome, to have a women's match in Blood & Guts. I hope, before I retire, that's a regular feature of the Blood & Guts show. Just to have the female presence, I think that would be such a spectacle.

We have some crazy girls in AEW that would be willing to really put their bodies on the line, and I think that match would really, really deliver." While acknowledging the immense pressure such a match would impose on the women of AEW, Baker exuded confidence in their abilities to rise to the occasion.

She emphasized that it is not a question of talent, considering the immense pool of exceptional wrestlers the company boasts, stating, "It's not that the women aren't talented enough to do it, it's just we are so lucky that we have so many of the best wrestlers in the world." As anticipation mounts for AEW's Blood & Guts extravaganza, Britt Baker D.M.D.'

s impassioned plea for the inclusion of a Women's Blood & Guts Match adds a layer of excitement and potential groundbreaking moments to this already highly anticipated event. With Baker's words resonating throughout the wrestling community, fans can only hope that AEW management takes heed of this rallying cry and grants the women of AEW an opportunity to showcase their skills and bravery within the unforgiving confines of the Blood & Guts battleground.

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