AEW Top Star Remains Absent from Backstage After Forbidden Door Deal


AEW Top Star Remains Absent from Backstage After Forbidden Door Deal
AEW Top Star Remains Absent from Backstage After Forbidden Door Deal

In a surprising turn of events, one of All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) top stars has been noticeably absent from backstage at television events following the momentous Forbidden Door pay-per-view. The Forbidden Door event, which garnered immense anticipation from fans, featured a thrilling main event between Bryan Danielson and Kazuchika Okada, two renowned athletes from different promotions.

However, the clash took an unfortunate turn when Danielson suffered a broken forearm midway through the match. The injury occurred when Danielson's arm was inadvertently positioned incorrectly as Okada executed an elbow drop.

Remarkably, despite the pain, Danielson displayed his incredible tenacity and resilience by powering through the injury to finish the match. In an impromptu display of skill, he managed to secure a victory over Okada, forcing him to submit to an improvised submission hold when Danielson was unable to execute his signature Labell Lock due to the injury.

Danielson's Injury Revealed

Following the intense encounter, Danielson held a media scrum where he candidly disclosed the severity of his injury. He revealed that his right forearm was fractured and projected a recovery period of 6 to 8 weeks.

Days later, his wife Brie Garcia shared an X-ray image on social media, expressing that the break was more severe than initially anticipated, further underscoring the challenges Danielson faced. Prior to the Forbidden Door event, reports had emerged suggesting that Danielson had gained increasing backstage influence within AEW.

He was said to have become deeply involved in the company's creative decision-making process, earning the trust of AEW President Tony Khan. However, recent information from Fightful Select indicates that Danielson has not been present backstage at either Dynamite or Collision, AEW's flagship television shows, since the date of his unfortunate injury on June 25th.

The Forbidden Door event also showcased an awe-inspiring match between Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega, which included a precarious Tiger Driver '91 maneuver that saw Omega landing on his head. In light of this high-risk move, Danielson openly expressed his concerns regarding such maneuvers, despite his own extensive experience in the ring and history of taking daring risks.

With Bryan Danielson's prolonged absence from AEW's backstage scene, questions arise about the potential impact on the promotion's ongoing storylines and creative direction. Fans eagerly await his return, hoping for a swift recovery and the resumption of his influential role within AEW.

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