Breaking: AEW All In Announces Major Broadcast Update!


Breaking: AEW All In Announces Major Broadcast Update!
Breaking: AEW All In Announces Major Broadcast Update!

In a thrilling development for wrestling enthusiasts around the globe, the highly-anticipated AEW All In event will indeed be broadcast to fans worldwide, according to a recent report by Andrew Zarian on the Mat Men Podcast.

The groundbreaking announcement was made by AEW President Tony Khan during an episode of Dynamite in April, revealing that the promotion would be making its much-anticipated UK debut inside the iconic Wembley Stadium on August 27th with AEW All In.

This news sparked tremendous excitement among fans, who eagerly awaited details regarding how they could witness the historic event. Initial speculations arose about whether AEW All In would solely be a live experience exclusive to the enthusiastic crowd at Wembley Stadium or if it would also be available for viewers at home.

Complicating matters further was the fact that AEW All Out, another major event by All Elite Wrestling, was scheduled to take place just one week later and would be presented on traditional pay-per-view. This led to concerns among fans about the logistics of having two pay-per-view broadcasts within such a short timeframe.

AEW All In Confirmed for Bleacher Report!

However, Andrew Zarian's recent update shed light on the situation, confirming that AEW All In will, in fact, be offered as a pay-per-view event through Bleacher Report. Furthermore, Zarian revealed that there are discussions underway to provide an option for fans to purchase both AEW All In and AEW All Out as part of a combined package, allowing them to enjoy the best of both spectacular events.

While the specifics of the bundle offer are yet to be finalized, Zarian's sources indicate that negotiations are in progress to make this a reality. However, it remains uncertain if Bleacher Report possesses the necessary capabilities to facilitate such an arrangement.

It's worth noting that Bleacher Report has been a significant platform for AEW broadcasts, but limitations within the system have prompted discussions about exploring alternative options to enhance the viewing experience for AEW fans.