WWE Veteran Claps Back at Matt Hardy's "Toxic" Remark


WWE Veteran Claps Back at Matt Hardy's "Toxic" Remark

A fiery exchange of words has unfolded on Twitter between WWE veteran Jim Cornette and former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, leading to an escalating feud between the two wrestling personalities. Known for their outspoken nature, both Cornette and Hardy have engaged in a war of words, clearly indicating that their once amicable relationship has deteriorated significantly.

During an episode of Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru podcast, the WWE veteran didn't hold back in responding to Hardy's remarks, stating, "He wanted to give his friends their flowers. Now and it's only because of haters and the toxic Cornette cults that everybody in the world love and get all furry and fuzzy over everything that my friend who also employ me and pay me and it can't be legitimately because anybody in the world would ever just say.

No these guys are the shts, I don't like their wrestling. I think they're silly phony fcking childish critens."

Cornette Counters "Toxic" Allegations

Cornette further elaborated, making it clear that he strongly disagrees with Hardy's characterization of him as toxic and poisonous.

He challenged Hardy's assumption that the only reason anyone could dislike his friends is due to Cornette's influence and the supposedly toxic listeners of his show. Meanwhile, wrestling legend Bill Apter weighed in on the feud between Hardy and Cornette during an episode of UnSkripted with Dr.

Chris Featherstone. While Apter acknowledged that the feud may have escalated beyond acceptable bounds, he also recognized some positive aspects. "This whole thing that's been going on between Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette is getting kind of out of hand," Apter commented.

However, he also highlighted the upside, explaining how the ongoing dispute has managed to keep both Hardy and Cornette relevant in the wrestling community. Apter, who has known Cornette for years and considers him a great guy, admitted that Cornette's controversial nature tends to spark controversy and generate attention.

Apter believes that Hardy, knowingly or unknowingly, is playing into this dynamic. Ultimately, Apter sees the feud as beneficial to both parties, as they continue to generate buzz and "break the internet" with their ongoing war of words.

The Twitter exchange began when Matt Hardy expressed his belief that talents like The Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page are not receiving the recognition they deserve, attributing it to individuals like Cornette and his followers.

Ryan Oguri, in agreement with Hardy, chimed in, emphasizing the need to acknowledge and appreciate the talents of these wrestlers. As the feud intensifies, wrestling fans eagerly await further developments and the potential resolution of this bitter dispute between the outspoken wrestling figures.

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