Mercedes Martinez Reveals Inspiring Match & Key Lessons Learned


Mercedes Martinez Reveals Inspiring Match & Key Lessons Learned
Mercedes Martinez Reveals Inspiring Match & Key Lessons Learned

Mercedes Martinez, renowned for her incredible tenure in professional wrestling since 2000, stands as a paragon of experience on the AEW/ROH roster, second only to Emi Sakura. Esteemed as one of the finest talents in the independent circuit, Martinez brings with her a wealth of knowledge garnered over decades of dedicated work, solidifying her status as a seasoned veteran within AEW.

During a recent appearance on Cultaholic Wrestling's esteemed "Desert Island Graps" podcast, Martinez generously shared her profound insights. In particular, she delved into her all-time favorite match as a fervent fan and the invaluable lessons she has gleaned from it as a wrestler.

Martinez's Desert Island Dream Match

When asked to name three matches she would choose to watch repeatedly while marooned on a desert island, Martinez promptly cited the legendary clash between Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII—the iconic Iron Man match.

"Bret is, without a doubt, my ultimate wrestling idol," Martinez enthused. "In crafting my own in-ring style, I've always drawn inspiration from him. Watching that Iron Man match between Bret and Shawn was the first time I witnessed wrestlers going toe-to-toe for a grueling 60 minutes on such a grand scale.

As someone who has stepped into the ring for Iron Woman matches lasting 60 minutes or more, I found solace in studying that match to prepare myself. It instantly became one of my all-time favorites." Martinez divulged that her focus when dissecting the Hart-Michaels encounter was not merely on mimicking their moves but on understanding their artful ability to captivate the audience.

"Sustaining the crowd's attention for a full hour is a daunting task," she candidly admitted. "In fact, maintaining engagement for even just ten minutes can prove challenging. When I watch the Bret and Shawn match—the one I consistently turn to—I analyze their ebbs and flows, their psychological intricacies, and how they masterfully kept the spectators enraptured throughout their 60-minute masterpiece.

My aim is to pay homage to their psychological prowess within the squared circle." Mercedes Martinez's revelation regarding her cherished match and the profound influence it wields in her wrestling career serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to honing her craft.

As she continues to grace the ring, Martinez remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring wrestlers and a true aficionado of the timeless art form.

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