Matt Menard and The Butcher: A Unique Tag Team Combination

Matt Menard and The Butcher: An Insane Tag Team Duo

by Noman Rasool
Matt Menard and The Butcher: A Unique Tag Team Combination

During a new episode of his Daddy Enchantment Show, AEW star Matt Menard shared his considerations on collaborating with The Butcher for the Visually impaired Eliminator competition. Menard communicated his esteem for The Butcher and completely delighted in being matched with him for the competition.

Considering the visually impaired drawing process for the label group competition, Menard portrayed the matching with The Butcher as a perfect pair. He lauded The Butcher's power and depicted him as an ideal accomplice for promotions and in-ring activity.

Menard featured their common madness and communicated his fulfillment with the association. He was unable to hold back his energy and said, "I don't actually have any idea what I'm searching for. It's a perfect pair."

Matt Menard and The Butcher: Unconventional Pairing in the Blind Eliminator Tournament

Menard then, at that point, shared an entertaining tale about his discussion with Chris Jericho (whom he tenderly alluded to as The Ocho or The Wizard) while having a couple of beverages.

Menard proposed involving The Butcher for an undertaking, despite the fact that he was at that point a piece of a label group. Menard's excitement for The Butcher was apparent as he proclaimed his adoration for the grappler's tumultuous persona.

He praises The Butcher's uniqueness and demanded that he was a significant resource for any joint effort. Menard energetically referenced that at whatever point he was conceptualizing thoughts over drinks, The Butcher's name would continuously come up.

As to label group name, Menard and The Butcher concocted "Sorcery Meat," a happy and engaging moniker that mirrored their common whimsies. Menard communicated that the promotion they recorded for the competition was done easily, displaying their impressive skill and science.

He recognized that paying little mind to what they said, their dynamic as two psychos would make it work. Sadly, regardless of their energy and kinship, Menard and The Butcher confronted rout in the main round of the competition against the impressive pair of Adam Cole and AEW Title holder MJF.

Aficionados of AEW delighted in seeing the one of a kind matching of Matt Menard and The Butcher, as their common energy and on-screen science made for an engaging encounter. While their competition process might have been stopped, their organization had an enduring impact on watchers, displaying the variety and fervor that AEW brings to its label group division.

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