Jim Cornette Slams AEW Handling of The Hardy Boys

Feuds and controversies surround The Hardy Boys in AEW.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jim Cornette Slams AEW Handling of The Hardy Boys

Following an intense digital feud with Matt Hardy, veteran wrestling manager and commentator Jim Cornette has vocally criticized All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) use of The Hardy Boys, questioning their current draw value. The speculation surrounding Jeff Hardy's move to AEW following his brother Matt's departure from WWE culminated in a thrilling debut where he arrived to rescue Matt from an onslaught by Andrade El Idolo and his former allies.

Though the celebrated Hardy Boys brought with them a dedicated fanbase, their AEW journey has been far from smooth. Their challenging rivalries with Andrade's Family Office, The Elite, and The Firm have been an integral part of their storyline.

However, a stain on their journey was Jeff's temporary hiatus due to a suspension following a DUI charge. Jeff marked his AEW return in April, with the climax of their storyline with The Firm arriving in the form of the Firm Deletion match, which took place on the 3rd of May edition of Rampage.

Cornette Criticizes AEW's Hardy Use

Jim Cornette, who never hesitates to voice his thoughts, recently engaged in a fiery online feud with Matt Hardy. While standing by his own remarks, Cornette also turned his ire towards AEW, specifically criticizing their utilization of the Hardy duo.

On his Drive-Thru Podcast, Cornette expressed his belief that AEW hasn't capitalized on The Hardy Boys' potential. He noted the team's bookings and raised questions about the role of Tony Khan, AEW's president, and others in handling the storyline.

He also implied that repeated blows to their reputation had made it hard for them to reclaim their former glory. Cornette underscored his belief that The Hardys currently lack the drawing power they once had. He placed the blame on their handling within the AEW framework.

However, Cornette made it clear that he never stated that they couldn't regain their former popularity. In his view, the Hardy Boys could once again become a significant draw, given the right direction and storyline.

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