Dave Meltzer Guided Tony Khan in AEW 'Battle of The Belts


Dave Meltzer Guided Tony Khan in AEW 'Battle of The Belts

All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) Battle of the Belts broadcast was faced with an unexpected weather-related disruption, but renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer stepped in to offer some strategic advice to Tony Khan, AEW's founder and president.

This Saturday, AEW presented an intense three-hour live coverage straight from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The program kicked off with a two-hour segment named "Collision," which highlighted a gripping 58-minute AEW Tag Team Championship match.

FTR managed to retain their titles by defeating the Bullet Club Gold. The evening's excitement was sustained with a one-hour live show titled "Battle of the Belts IV," which commenced at 10 p.m. ET on TNT right after Collision.

This portion of the event showcased three pivotal championship matches.

Technical Glitch Disrupts Championship Match

However, technical difficulties arose during the AEW Women’s Championship match between the current title-holder Toni Storm and her challenger Taya Valkyrie.

Viewers experienced a ten-second blackout followed by an unexpected commercial break. The program then resumed with footage from the previous week's Collision, leaving fans in suspense as the climax of the match wasn't aired live.

According to announcer Ian Riccaboni, who provided commentary on Collision & Battle of the Belts, the sudden interruption was due to severe thunderstorms in Calgary which caused the satellite feed to fail. Later in the broadcast, the conclusion of the match was shown.

In a surprising turn of events, Ruby Soho, an ally of Toni Storm, managed to sneak a punch on Valkyrie unbeknownst to the referee. This allowed Storm to execute Storm Zero, winning the match by pinfall. During his segment on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer revealed that he had reached out to Khan amidst the Battle of the Belts broadcast.

He suggested that AEW should inform viewers about the outcome of the Storm-Valkyrie match. Meltzer emphasized his uncertainty about the management's awareness of the feed malfunction. Despite this, he urged Khan to clarify the match's outcome, assuming the viewers were left clueless.

His advice proved beneficial as the ending of the match was later shown. Those curious about the match's conclusion can view a 3:18 clip on AEW’s YouTube channel. The entire match is also available on the TNT App for those who wish to experience the full spectacle.

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