Vickie Guerrero AEW Deal Expires


Vickie Guerrero AEW Deal Expires
Vickie Guerrero AEW Deal Expires

Vickie Guerrero, known for her prominent role in the world of professional wrestling, has reached the conclusion of her two-year tenure with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). According to reliable sources, Fightful Select, it has been confirmed that Guerrero's contract with the company has expired, marking the end of her journey with AEW.

For the past several months, Guerrero has been absent from AEW's touring schedule, having been requested to remain at home since February. The departure of Guerrero was not unexpected, as back in February, AEW and Guerrero had mutually agreed to part ways once her contract reached its conclusion this month.

The separation was described as amicable, indicating a respectful and cooperative departure. Throughout her tenure with AEW, Guerrero primarily served as the manager for Nyla Rose, a talented wrestler within the promotion. Towards the latter stages of her time with the company, Guerrero also took on the role of managing Marina Shafir, expanding her managerial portfolio.

Rumors of Guerrero's AEW Exit

Speculation regarding Guerrero's departure began to surface earlier this year when she hinted at the possibility during an episode of "Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show." In the episode, she expressed her uncertainty about her future with AEW, suggesting that her continued involvement might be contingent upon being paired on-screen with Ariane Andrews, formerly known as Cameron during her tenure with WWE.

Unfortunately, this envisioned partnership never materialized. In April, Guerrero faced personal challenges when her family became the subject of media attention. Her daughter, Sherilyn, publicly made allegations of s*xual assault against her stepfather, claiming that Vickie had abandoned her.

Guerrero, in response, took to Instagram to address the situation and shed light on her relationship with her daughter, although the post has since been deleted. As Vickie Guerrero's contract with AEW reaches its conclusion, her presence within the promotion will be missed by fans and colleagues alike.

It remains to be seen what new ventures and opportunities await this experienced and influential figure in the world of professional wrestling.

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