Darby Allin Stressful Journey: Facing CM Punk for AEW Debut

Allin and Punk: A Serendipitous Collision of Idols.

by Atia Mukhtar
Darby Allin Stressful Journey: Facing CM Punk for AEW Debut

Darby Allin found himself at the center of a pivotal moment in professional wrestling history when he played a crucial role in CM Punk's highly anticipated return to the ring in 2021. Not only did Allin tease Punk's arrival in a captivating promo leading up to the All Out pay-per-view event, but he also had the honor of being hand-picked by Punk himself as his opponent for the momentous occasion in Chicago.

Reflecting on that significant match, Allin recently shared his memories and the immense pressure he felt during that time. Recalling the day of the match, Allin vividly described the overwhelming stress that consumed him.

He confided, "It was a lot of stress. A lot of stress. Because, you know, Punk coming back and then being his first match, I had a feeling if it fell apart, it was gonna fall on me." The weight of the occasion weighed heavily on his shoulders, to the point where he experienced physical discomfort.

Allin admitted, "I was throwing up that day, I was so nervous." However, amidst the nerves, a surprising and supportive gesture came from his mentor, Sting. Recognizing Allin's anxiety, Sting approached him and offered to say a prayer, even acknowledging Allin's lack of religious beliefs.

Allin humorously recounted the moment, saying, "'I know you're not a religious man but can I say a prayer for you?' And I'm just like [standing] over the trash can like 'Sure dude.' "

Allin's Idolization and Punk's Praise

Allin's connection with Punk runs deep, as he had idolized him as a child.

Punk's straight-edge philosophy, rebellious punk rock spirit, and unapologetic demeanor resonated deeply with Allin, who even embarked on his own wrestling career in 2014, coincidentally the same year Punk originally stepped away from the industry.

This synchronicity added an extra layer of significance to their match in Allin's eyes. Notably, Punk has consistently praised Allin, expressing admiration for the young AEW star. During the media scrum at All Out 2021, Punk lauded Allin as the perfect opponent for his long-awaited comeback, and he has even expressed openness to the idea of forming a formidable trio with Allin and Sting for a sustained period.

Darby Allin's journey alongside CM Punk's return to professional wrestling stands as a testament to the immense pressure and profound significance that such moments can carry. Despite the stress and nerves, Allin's performance alongside his childhood idol not only made a lasting impact on wrestling fans but also solidified his own place in the industry.

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