Samoa Joe Talks Twisted Metal Series Filming

Samoa Joe's Dream Role Comes to Life Metal Series Filming.

by Atia Mukhtar
Samoa Joe Talks Twisted Metal Series Filming

Samoa Joe, the renowned professional wrestler and current Ring of Honor World Television Champion, is all set to portray the infamous killer clown, Sweet Tooth, in the highly-anticipated TV series based on the beloved video game franchise, "Twisted Metal." In a recent interview with Doughboys Media, Joe was excited about taking on the iconic character.

Reflecting on his involvement in the project, Joe expressed his genuine enthusiasm, saying, "It's cool, man. What can you say? It's Sweet Tooth! It's an iconic video game character, especially from my youth. I'm an every-game generation guy; I've been there for everyone.

When PlayStation launched, 'Twisted Metal' was that co-op game where we'd sit down and play this crazy, blow-up-the-Eiffel-Tower kind of game. So, it's weird getting a call out of the blue to screen test." Joe's connection to the show goes beyond just landing the role.

He had a longstanding friendship with the executive producer, Carter Swan, who believed Joe was the perfect fit for Sweet Tooth. Carter personally approached Joe and expressed his desire to have him in "Twisted Metal." Joe immediately reacted as he inquired, "Is it the clown?" Upon confirmation, Joe was overjoyed to take on the role of the iconic character.

Sweet Tooth's Iconic Status & Joe's Mother's Pride

The wrestler-turned-actor humorously shared that when he mentioned "Twisted Metal" to people, they responded with, "You mean that crazy clown thing?" This reaction is a testament to Sweet Tooth's status as an iconic figure.

Interestingly, Joe's mother is thrilled about his casting, even after his two-decade-long career in wrestling on television. Being a network show, "Twisted Metal" marks Joe's first venture into this medium, and his mother couldn't be prouder.

While she might not be familiar with Sweet Tooth or the game itself, she relishes that her son has made it to network television. Although, Joe couldn't help but chuckle when he recalled her less-than-thrilled reaction upon seeing him as a murderous clown in the first trailer.

As much as Joe cherishes the honor of portraying the iconic character, the filming process was no walk in the park. While crucial for his role, he revealed that the clown mask wasn't designed for breathability. Spending days in what he described as a "hot box," Joe endured the challenges of shooting in the sweltering New Orleans heat.

Despite the physical demands, Joe's passion for the project kept him determined to deliver a stellar performance. With Samoa Joe's passion and commitment to the Sweet Tooth role, fans eagerly anticipate the release of "Twisted Metal" to witness the wrestler's acting prowess in this thrilling new TV series.

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