AEW's 'Collision': New Opportunities Unveiled


AEW's 'Collision': New Opportunities Unveiled

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar, Britt Baker, recently sat down with Cam Heyward on his show 'Not Just Football,' where she delved into a variety of topics, chief among them the company's latest program, 'Collision.'

Baker, a former AEW Women’s Champion and a key figure in the women's division, provided insightful reflections on the evolution of AEW and her ambitions within the rapidly growing wrestling promotion. Baker enthusiastically described how 'Collision' was creating numerous opportunities for the talent on the AEW roster.

"It’s amazing because it allows for more of our wrestlers to be showcased on television," Baker said. "We possess a deep roster with some of the world's best wrestlers, but they’re so many, numbering around 20. Therefore, having another platform for them to perform on television is highly beneficial." This sentiment reflects the general excitement about the broader exposure AEW stars can now achieve, providing them with more chances to impress audiences and elevate their wrestling careers.

AEW's Promising Future Explored

Baker was also keen to highlight AEW's impressive progress. In just a few short years since its inception, AEW has grown rapidly, boasting three television programs despite having only been on air for around four years.

"It’s not a strict brand split like WWE's Raw and SmackDown," Baker clarified, "I’m unsure what the future holds regarding this, but it's undeniable that having three TV shows in such a short time span is fantastic.

The network's desire for an additional show indicates our growing popularity." Furthermore, the interview touched upon Baker's future aspirations. She revealed her eagerness to wrestle Mercedes Moné, an upcoming talent in the wrestling industry, at the much-anticipated Forbidden Door event next year.

Her desire to engage with fresh talent signifies her commitment to the evolution of women's wrestling and the growth of AEW as a whole. AEW's latest program, 'Collision,' and the strides it is making in the wrestling industry are clear indicators of its progressive outlook.

With its expansive roster and dedicated stars like Britt Baker, the promotion continues to create a buzz in the world of professional wrestling. This latest interview with Britt Baker offers fans a deeper look into the inner workings of AEW and the exciting opportunities 'Collision' presents for its roster.

The future certainly seems bright for AEW and its talented performers. With the next Forbidden Door event on the horizon, wrestling fans around the world have much to look forward to.

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