Samoa Joe's Commentary Future

Samoa Joe's Diverse Career Exploits: From In-Ring Dominance to Commentary.

by Atia Mukhtar
Samoa Joe's Commentary Future

Samoa Joe, renowned for his in-ring prowess, found himself unexpectedly behind the commentary desk for WWE between 2019 and 2021 due to an injury. In a recent interview with "Under The Ring," he opened up about the experience, confessing that he had limited knowledge about the role before taking it on.

As a self-described non-traditionally trained broadcaster, Joe acknowledged that he had to rely on on-the-job training and keen listening to adapt to the demands of commentary. Despite the challenges, he embraced the opportunity and enjoyed the unique experience that WWE provided.

Reflecting on his time behind the microphone, Joe expressed delight in being part of the storytelling process for his fellow wrestlers, whom he greatly respects and admires.

Iconic WrestleMania 37 Commentary

Among his standout moments on commentary, one that stood out was his iconic appearance at WrestleMania 37, where he fearlessly commented on the event while wearing a poncho during a downpour.

These moments not only showcased Joe's versatility as a performer but also added a fresh dimension to his career. While All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has offered its current in-ring talent the chance to showcase their commentary abilities, Samoa Joe finds himself in a different situation, uncertain about his future behind the commentary booth.

Candidly acknowledging the unpredictability of his journey, Joe has learned to embrace the flow of life, being open to whatever opportunities may arise. Despite the uncertainty, his versatile career in wrestling has proven that he is always prepared to adapt and make the most of any challenge that comes his way.

While the possibility of returning to commentary remains uncertain, Samoa Joe's willingness to embrace new challenges and adapt to unforeseen circumstances has defined his career. As a multi-talented performer, he continues to make an impact inside and outside the ring, leaving fans intrigued about what the future holds for this wrestling stalwart.

Whether he returns to commentary or chooses a different path, one thing remains certain: Samoa Joe's passion for the business and his dedication to entertaining the fans will continue to shine through.

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