QT Marshall Details His Journey to AAA Triplemania 31: Tijuana


QT Marshall Details His Journey to AAA Triplemania 31: Tijuana

QT Marshall, renowned for his distinctive presence in AEW, has become a target for fan's derision. Having transitioned from being Cody Rhodes' sidekick to the audacious, almost delusional leader of The Factory, to ultimately the vocal powerhouse of QTV, Marshall has carved a niche for himself within AEW's diverse ensemble.

However, his persona largely tends to be seen by American audiences as comic relief, a perception that underwent a dramatic shift when Marshall set foot in AAA, Mexico. While his American portrayal is more humorous, in Mexico, Marshall's character took a darker, more sinister turn, much to the surprise of fans familiar with his work on "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Rampage".

His stint in Mexico presented a new facet of his character, a departure from the image established by his home promotion. In a recent episode of "Talk Is Jericho", Marshall opened up about his career, his journey to AEW, and his pioneering venture in Mexico where he was part of the first-ever ambulance match in AAA history, opposite Penta el 0M, also known as Pentagon Jr.

Marshall's Pivotal AAA Triumph

Marshall recounted the match as a significant victory, saying, "It was the biggest win of my career. I beat Pentagon Jr. in his homeland, in one of the most intense matches I've ever been in." He shared how the unexpectedly gory match marked a proud moment in his career.

The backdrop of the match was a storyline conceived by Konnan, involving Marshall stalking Penta, a response to an apparent slight during contract negotiations with AEW. Marshall felt slighted and underappreciated when Pentagon Jr.

asked him to exit the room as talks began. In typical wrestling fashion, Marshall chose to retaliate by terrorizing Pentagon's trainees, invading his personal space, and making his life miserable. This added depth to his character and heightened anticipation for their eventual showdown.

While Chris Jericho dug deeper into the details of the match, Marshall revealed how supportive AEW owner Tony Khan had been of the narrative, hoping it might alter the perception of Marshall as merely a comedic presence.

Marshall reflected, "Tony believes it's beneficial for me to perform elsewhere, to showcase different sides of my character, and perhaps convert the Twitter fans who seem to despise me." Indeed, the risk paid off, with the culmination of the storyline leading to the first-ever ambulance match in Mexico, and a triumphant Marshall relished the victory.

Now, having proved his mettle against the Death Triangle member, Marshall is slated to participate in a fatal four-way match at the upcoming Triplemania event on August 12, 2023 in Mexico City, contending for the vacated Latin American Championship. Marshall hopes to secure the title and bring it back to his QTV cohorts, and then defend it in the AEW ring

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