Former AEW Star Teases Big Break Ahead!


Former AEW Star Teases Big Break Ahead!
Former AEW Star Teases Big Break Ahead!

Former AEW wrestler Brian Pillman Jr., son of the late wrestling legend Brian Pillman, seems to have a significant opportunity looming on the horizon, sparking excitement for what lies ahead in his career. Recently, news broke that Pillman's contract with AEW had expired, leaving him without an active deal with the promotion.

Subsequently, reports surfaced suggesting that he was training at the WWE Performance Center. While there's no confirmation of a WWE contract yet, it's evident that the company has shown interest and is keen on evaluating his potential.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer, the timing of Pillman's potential hiring might be impacted by the ongoing merger of Endeavor and WWE, a monumental deal valued at $9 billion. Until the merger process concludes, it might be less likely for new talents to be brought in.

Nonetheless, speculation surrounding Pillman's future continues to mount.

Pillman Jr.' s WWE Deal Imminent

Adding to the speculation is a report from indicating that a deal for Pillman to join WWE is either already in place or soon to be signed.

The report further claims that Pillman Jr. is expected to relocate to Orlando, Florida by the end of August to train at the WWE Performance Center under NXT. Recently, during a virtual signing on Captain's Corner, Pillman shared a heartfelt message with his fans.

He acknowledged the challenging nature of the wrestling business but expressed gratitude for the support he has received. Pillman hinted at exciting developments, carefully avoiding revealing specific details about the impending opportunity.

"It’s a tough business and it’s a long road to the top if you want to rock ‘n roll. Being here today and getting to reminisce about some of the past moments of my career has really cheered me up and put me in a position to where I’m excited for the future.

There is a lot to come, I can’t speak on it right now, it’s kind of in the works. I have a huge moment, a huge opportunity coming up in my career to continue making memories, to continue coming up with new gear ideas and sharing my version of pro wrestling with you all.

Thank you for supporting me." Given Pillman's recent training at the WWE Performance Center and his enigmatic yet promising message to fans, it's natural for enthusiasts to speculate about a potential stint in WWE. As the summer unfolds, more details might surface, shedding light on the exciting chapter that awaits this rising star in professional wrestling. Fans can only anticipate the official announcement, eagerly awaiting Pillman's next move in the wrestling world.

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