Cody Rhodes Embraces AEW Fan Backlash: 'I Had Fun!'

Cody Rhodes shares candid insights on AEW journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Cody Rhodes Embraces AEW Fan Backlash: 'I Had Fun!'

Cody Rhodes, a pivotal figure in the foundation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently addressed the unexpected turn of events where fans had seemingly turned against him as he approached his departure from the company. Rhodes, who had been one of AEW's original Executive Vice Presidents, along with his wife Brandi, announced their exit from the promotion in February 2022, leaving fans stunned.

Once a beloved fan favorite, Rhodes began to experience a shift in audience sentiment. The crowd's disapproval became evident during instances when Rhodes would throw his weight belt into the audience, only to have it returned to him as a symbol of rejection.

Embracing Fan Backlash: Cody's Amusement

In an interview on a recent episode of Notsam Wrestling with Sam Roberts, Rhodes revealed that he had chosen to embrace the fan reactions and find amusement in the situation. Even when the belt came back to him at the Target Center, he acknowledged that he and his fellow wrestlers capitalized on the moment, playing into the chaos of the situation.

Rhodes revealed that he often communicated with colleagues like QT Marshall and Tony Khan about "leaning in" to the audience's sentiments, though it remained uncertain whether there was a concrete plan in place amid the backstage upheaval.

Discussing his final promos with the company, Rhodes admitted that part of his motivation was to remind the audience of his significant role in kickstarting the wrestling revolution that ultimately led to the creation of AEW.

He confessed that he felt an urge to ensure that his contributions were not forgotten and shared his hopes that, even in old age, people would recognize his impact. Drawing parallels with the treatment of his late father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, Cody expressed his frustration with how certain journalists had discredited his father's accomplishments during his lifetime, only to acknowledge his greatness after his passing.

He sensed a similar narrative unfolding around himself and felt the weight of wrestling egos, including his own, adding to the complexity of the situation. While Cody recognized that he could not claim sole credit for the wrestling revolution, he acknowledged his significant involvement in its genesis.

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