AEW Star: 'Thumbtack Incident' Post Blood and Guts

Unexpected injury blurs lines between WWE storyline and reality.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Star: 'Thumbtack Incident' Post Blood and Guts

In a surprising turn of events during WWE's Monday Night Raw, it seems that the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Kevin Owens has sustained a real-life injury, adding an unexpected twist to what was originally considered part of the story's narrative arc.

Kevin Owens, partnering with Sami Zayn, found himself at the center of a fierce struggle as Sami Zayn contended with Dominik Mysterio for the prestigious "NXT" North American Championship. The match, laden with intense drama and unexpected twists, saw Owens forcefully dismissed from ringside by the referee following a series of chaotic actions.

Surprise Assault Seals Victory

The drama escalated when Mysterio's allies, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest from Judgment Day, were similarly ordered off the stage. In a dramatic turn, the trio made a bold reappearance towards the end of the match, leading to an on-stage assault against Owens by Ripley and Priest.

Their distraction provided Dominik Mysterio with a window to seize a pinfall victory over Zayn. Following the heated match, Kevin Owens was sighted backstage receiving medical attention. The scene initially seemed like another plot development, a stepping stone towards a future tag title defense where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn would face an assembly from The Judgment Day.

However, according to reports, the situation behind the scenes was far more serious. Sean Ross Sapp, a respected reporter from Fightful, broke the news later in the evening, confirming that Owens' injury was legitimate, thus blurring the line between scripted drama and reality.

Sapp did not disclose further details regarding the severity of Owens' injury or speculate on the timeline for his potential return to the ring. This development adds a significant real-world element to the ongoing WWE storyline.

It underscores the physical demands and risks that these performers routinely face, and may well reshape the narrative trajectory in the coming weeks, particularly concerning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. As fans wait for more updates, they undoubtedly extend their wishes for a swift recovery to Kevin Owens.