Former World Champion Signs New AEW Contract


Former World Champion Signs New AEW Contract

Former Ring of Honor (ROH) World Champion Rush has officially inked a new contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), solidifying his commitment to the promotion. The exciting news was shared with fans through a video posted on Monday afternoon, capturing the significant moment when Rush signed the deal and warmly embraced AEW President, Tony Khan.

Having made his debut at the 2022 Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Rush has since been splitting his time between various wrestling platforms, including AEW's weekly programming, his former stomping grounds in Ring of Honor, and Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico (although he recently declared his departure from the latter).

Despite his tenacity and numerous attempts, the skilled wrestler has yet to secure a title victory in AEW. Speculation was rife among fans and wrestling enthusiasts about Rush's potential leap to WWE, particularly after one of his brothers, Dragon Lee, recently signed a contract with the company and is currently competing on the NXT brand.

However, Rush was quick to quash these rumors, emphasizing his unwavering loyalty to AEW, stating that he is "100% AEW" and embarking on an exciting new chapter in both his personal and professional journey.

Rush Contract With AEW

In a heartfelt tweet, Rush expressed his gratitude to Tony Khan for the opportunity and extended his thanks to the devoted fans who have supported him throughout his career.

He also acknowledged his fellow members of LFI (La Facción Ingobernable), the faction he was a part of, for their camaraderie and support. With this new contract, Rush believes that AEW is the perfect platform to achieve his dreams and aspirations, vowing to take the wrestling world by storm alongside his colleagues.

Fans of AEW have been buzzing with excitement since the announcement, eager to witness more electrifying performances from the talented "El Toro Blanco." As he forges ahead in AEW, the wrestling universe eagerly awaits the moment when Rush's determination and skill will culminate in a championship victory, solidifying his status as one of the premier athletes in the company.

With Rush's commitment to AEW, the promotion continues to bolster its roster with exceptional talent, solidifying its position as a major player in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling. As the wrestling landscape continues to shift, AEW's dedication to bringing top-tier performers like Rush into the fold further cements its reputation as a thriving and progressive organization, captivating fans and creating unforgettable moments in the squared circle.