Tommy Dreamer Speaks About AEW’s Blood and Guts


Tommy Dreamer Speaks About AEW’s Blood and Guts
Tommy Dreamer Speaks About AEW’s Blood and Guts

AEW is well known for one of their hardcore wrestling installments called Blood and Guts. It reminds many hardcore wrestling fans about ECW, which was at one-time one of the only wrestling promotions that regularly made use of weapons and other objects to create extremely dangerous spots.

This year, The Elite fought the Blackpool Combat Club. This rivalry started several months ago.

Tommy Dreamers Praises AEW For Holding Blood and Guts Events

The factions fought each other on a number of occasions. The addition of Kota Ibushi to The Elite helped The Elite get the final victory over the Blackpool Combat Club.

Their last fight took place on AEW Dynamite in Boston. After the show went off air, all members of both factions shook hands with each other. This edition of Blood and Guts was probably the most violent that we have ever seen.

Tommy Dreamer is well known for being one of the most experienced wrestlers in the world when it comes to hardcore and brutal wrestling matches. He was at one time the top star in ECW. According to Tommy, Blood and Guts is an extremely good form of entertainment for AEW fans.

"I really like how AEW has made their own Hell in a Cell or War Games, made it special and made it unique to AEW," he said. "I enjoyed the top of the cage almost having a platform and when the wrestlers went up there, they were able to do moves.

I love the opening of the cage, where Matt Jackson made it rain tacks — I thought that was brilliant and into the double back-drop. I enjoyed that because also for branding purposes, the fact they do it once a year, really makes it special.

They did an excellent job in the four years of existence of AEW to make this match mean something. You don't always have to fall off the top of the cage, you don't always need to do these certain things." "They had a uniqueness within the match ...

there aren't a whole lot of parameters, but the people of Boston really enjoyed it. It was a packed house, everybody was on their feet ... all the men delivered, it was a great match." The Blackpool Club was forced to recruit PAC, as Bryan Danielson could not fight due to an injury. The Blackpool Club were basically a man down as PAC turned on them during the fight.

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