Tony Schiavone Highlights Issues with Today's Wrestlers

Wrestling's evolution garners mixed opinions from industry veterans.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tony Schiavone Highlights Issues with Today's Wrestlers

Acclaimed wrestling commentator, Tony Schiavone, who has lent his voice to various prominent wrestling promotions, has recently turned the spotlight on the issues he perceives in modern-day wrestling. His career spanning over three decades has offered him an expansive perspective on the evolution of the wrestling industry.

From the heydays of WCW, where Schiavone held the microphone from 1990 to its dissolution in 2001, to his brief stint in WWE in the late 80s, and later ventures with Impact Wrestling and Major League Wrestling, he's seen the industry morph and change.

In 2019, he joined the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) crew, remaining a constant in the wrestling narration. During his popular podcast, "What Happened When," Schiavone didn't mince words while expressing his concerns about contemporary wrestling culture.

"So many wrestlers today are motivated by Twitter or Instagram, and I think it's wrong," Schiavone opined, highlighting the heavy reliance on social media.

Schiavone Criticizes Online Dependence

Elaborating, Schiavone stressed, "If you try to direct what you're doing on an interview or too much online, I think you're missing the point." He acknowledged his sentiment may be attributed to his longevity in the industry and the "old man" within him.

Schiavone isn't alone in his criticism of social media's influence on the wrestling industry. "Dark Side of the Ring" producer Evan Hussey decried social media for stripping away the industry's "magic," terming its impact as generally detrimental.

Matt Hardy, an AEW stalwart, also weighed in during an interview with "Busted Open." He offered a balanced perspective, highlighting social media's effectiveness as a promotional tool while cautioning against its ability to provide a platform for toxic comments under the veil of anonymity.

Similarly, Schiavone's colleague, former AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD, publicly criticized cyberbullying that targets her and her peers. The wrestling industry seems split on the role of social media, with some highlighting its benefits and others pointing out its negative impact.

As this debate continues, it's clear that social media's influence on the wrestling world is a subject of ongoing contention.

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