Dave Meltzer Lauds AEW's Blood & Guts as Best Yet, Cites Concerns


Dave Meltzer Lauds AEW's Blood & Guts as Best Yet, Cites Concerns

The wrestling world is still buzzing, a week after the much-discussed "Blood & Guts" match from last week's "AEW Dynamite" episode. The intense face-off between the Blackpool Combat Club and the Golden Elite has attracted considerable attention and sparked ongoing debates, with seasoned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer lending his voice to the chorus.

He has lauded the spectacle with a commendable rating of 4 and ¾ stars. On a recent episode of "McGuire On Wrestling," Meltzer gave an in-depth review of the match, comparing it with previous Blood & Guts matches AEW has showcased.

However, he didn't stop at mere commendation. He expressed some reservations that surfaced along with the high praise he had for the event.

Meltzer Rates, Voices Concerns

Meltzer contended, "In my opinion, this was by far the best Blood & Guts match they've done," but added a caveat about the prominent use of weapons in the match.

"The negative aspect is the over-reliance on weapons, which could turn some fans off. Once you introduce elements like the Bed of Nails, you're veering into hardcore death match territory that has divided appeal." While his acclaim for the match was clear, Meltzer took a firmer stand against certain hardcore components, especially the repeated use of the bed of nails.

He felt such elements didn't belong in the match. However, he acknowledged that these elements seemed to resonate with AEW's audience, which prevented him from outright criticizing the match, even if he felt it lacked the lasting impact of previous hardcore matches.

Reflecting on the changes in wrestling over time, Meltzer observed, "We live in a different world now. What once was memorable is now commonplace. Think about Randy Orton's match; people remember it even after 20 years. Now, similar elements appear in matches and get forgotten.

We saw thumbtacks being used at the Ring of Honor PPV last Friday. That's wrestling for you." He continued, "Wrestling has always evolved this way. You start with a flying tackle and end up with a triple somersault. Did the flying tackle from 1929 elicit more of a reaction than today's triple somersault? Yes, because that's the nature of wrestling's evolution. It's always pushing boundaries and getting wilder."

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