AEW's Jeff Jarrett: Wrestlers 'Must Have' This Skill Set


AEW's Jeff Jarrett: Wrestlers 'Must Have' This Skill Set

WWE Hall of Famer, Impact Hall of Famer, and current AEW star, Jeff Jarrett, recently shed light on a crucial skill that he believes is indispensable for wrestling stars across all promotions in the modern era. In a candid discussion on his "My World" podcast, Jarrett was asked about his thoughts on the success of WWE's LA Knight, previously known as Eli Drake during his time in Impact Wrestling.

While Jarrett refrained from making a direct prediction, he used the opportunity to share a valuable lesson often imparted during his wrestling seminars. According to Jarrett, being merely proficient in the basics of in-ring ability is no longer sufficient.

Wrestlers must rise above the average and possess exemplary promo skills to thrive in the highly competitive industry. "You don't have to be great and you don't have to be spectacular," Jarrett explained, "but you've got to have that as far as in-ring work, and you better be able to talk." Emphasizing the importance of being a captivating orator, he stressed that even if wrestlers are only average in the ring, their chances of success significantly improve with exceptional mic skills.

This principle has held true for decades and, in Jarrett's view, will remain paramount for wrestlers in the future.

Fans Rally Behind Wrestling Star

LA Knight's recent surge in popularity, exemplified by the "YEAH!" movement on social media, is a testament to the significance of these qualities.

Fans across various promotions have shown immense support for Knight, with many rallying behind him to win the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase. Even in AEW, where Knight currently performs, fans have joined the fervor, with enthusiastic "YEAH!" chants outside an AEW show in Boston.

Knight's ability to captivate audiences with his verbal prowess has been a driving force behind his popularity. His adeptness at cutting engaging promos has resonated with fans and provided him with the right opportunities at the right time.

It is a testament to Jeff Jarrett's timeless advice, reinforcing the notion that having in-ring skills and connecting with audiences through captivating mic work is a winning combination. Jeff Jarrett's insights on the essential skill set for wrestling success are invaluable to aspiring wrestlers and the industry as a whole.

As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, the emphasis on strong promo skills alongside in-ring prowess remains a constant. LA Knight's rise to prominence exemplifies the impact of this approach, proving that timeless principles are often the key to achieving lasting success in the world of professional wrestling.

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