Moxley's Emotional Backstage Moment with AEW Stars Post-Match


Moxley's Emotional Backstage Moment with AEW Stars Post-Match

The aftershocks of the intensely physical AEW "Blood and Guts" match, where Jon Moxley introduced a new weapon to his arsenal - the bed of nails, are still being felt among the wrestling fandom. This sensation has amplified their curiosity about what unfolded backstage following this ruthless clash.

The stage for this feral spectacle was set on last week's episode of Dynamite, where two factions, The Blackpool Combat Club (BCC) led by Moxley, and The Elite, left no stone unturned in their quest for victory. The fight reached an apex of savagery, as competitors utilized thumbtacks, tables, and Moxley's innovative bed of nails, adding an unforeseen twist.

Elite Triumphs, Emotional Backstage Unfolds

As the dust settled, The Elite reigned supreme after BCC yielded, with two members abandoning the ring before the finale. This gripping showdown left nothing desired by fans of the "Blood and Guts" match genre.

Yet, the shared moment of emotional connection between the competitors backstage post-match added an unexpected layer of humanity. As per a recent Sports Illustrated piece, all ten gladiators partook in a heartfelt exchange backstage, taking time to savor the post-match euphoria.

Combatants such as Kenny Omega, the Bucks, and Moxley embraced the culmination of their anticipations. In an endearing gesture, Matt Jackson requested the group autograph one of his sneakers, earmarking this unforgettable match.

Post this epoch-making clash, what lies ahead for The Elite and Moxley's BCC? The fierce rivalry between BCC and The Elite, initiated earlier this year, was marked by a series of grueling encounters culminating with the "Blood and Guts" match.

With The Elite victorious, what's the next chapter for these groups? BCC, featuring Moxley and Claudio Castangoli, seems to have a new target in their crosshairs, Pac, who abandoned them during the intense "Blood and Guts" match.

They also appear ready to challenge Orange Cassidy and The Lucha Brothers following recent Dynamite developments. Contrastingly, The Elite members, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks were conspicuous by their absence in the latest Dynamite episode.

After last week's promo, their future with the promotion seems ambiguous, though they will remain "All Elite" until their contracts expire. Speculation is rife about the strategic plans of Tony Khan, the orchestrator of AEW, for these leading factions in professional wrestling. The anticipatory wait is set to unfold an intriguing narrative in the upcoming weeks.