Konnan Critiques AEW's Use of Jay White

Jay White's journey in AEW continues to unfold intriguingly.

by Atia Mukhtar
Konnan Critiques AEW's Use of Jay White

AEW's recruitment of Jay White had been a major event in wrestling circles, not least because WWE had also been vying for his signature. Nonetheless, despite the excitement that trailed this Bullet Club Gold superstar, wrestling icon Konnan has expressed reservations about AEW's handling of White on his podcast "Keepin' It 100." Drawing parallels with WCW's approach, Konnan made an interesting observation, "Look at the amount of mid-card talent we had from Disco to Rey Mysterio to Chris Jericho and everyone in between.

There was a ceiling to how far we could reach and it was never our fault." This, he insists, reflects the predicament White finds himself in. He clarified, "I can't lay all the blame at Jay's door. In my view, he has executed excellently whatever he has been asked to do."

White's Tag Team Pursuit in AEW

Since becoming a part of AEW, White has been mainly seen in the tag team category.

Partnered with Juice Robinson, he has set his sights on the AEW World Tag Team Championship, carving out a significant role for himself on the program "AEW Collision." In the past, Konnan had been informed about White's impressive performances and had personally witnessed him deliver exceptional matches during his stint with Impact Wrestling.

White, true to form, continued to display his skill set in the ring, notably during a recent tag team match between Bullet Club Gold and FTR that earned widespread acclaim from fans and commentators alike. However, Konnan believes that the full spectrum of White's talent remains unexplored.

He particularly pointed out the need for White to leverage his potential for delivering memorable promos, which would set him apart from his peers. "He's yet to deliver those stand-out promos that help distinguish you from the rest of the pack," Konnan noted.

In a nutshell, while Jay White's wrestling prowess remains beyond question, his usage in AEW leaves room for improvement, according to the respected industry veteran, Konnan.

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