Britt Baker Dream Forbidden Door Opponent for AEW Revealed!


Britt Baker Dream Forbidden Door Opponent for AEW Revealed!

Forbidden Door may have passed, but the doors to potential cross-promotional surprises remain wide open in AEW. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., one of AEW's top stars, recently revealed her desire to see former IWGP Women's Champion Mercedes Mone step into the AEW ring.

Mone's impressive wrestling skills have captured the hearts of many fans, and her potential arrival in AEW has been a topic of speculation and anticipation. During a candid interview on "Not Just Football with Cam Heyward," Britt Baker expressed her excitement about the possibility of Mercedes Mone gracing the AEW stage.

Although currently nursing an ankle injury, Mone's presence on the wrestling circuit has been undeniable, and Baker believes that once she is healed and ready, fans will clamor to witness her in action across various wrestling promotions.

With Mone's departure from WWE, the wrestling world has eagerly awaited her next move. Tony Khan, the mastermind behind AEW, had reportedly been in talks with the talented wrestler before her injury sidelined her plans. The setback may have postponed her potential appearance in AEW, but the anticipation of her crossing paths with AEW's roster remains intact.

Currently plying her trade in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Mercedes Mone has showcased her incredible prowess, even without the backing of a major wrestling machine. Her determination and success in charting her own path have left a lasting impression on Baker and many other wrestling enthusiasts.

AEW's Ever-Open Horizons

While Forbidden Door might be in the rearview, AEW continues to foster an environment where dream matchups and unexpected alliances are always possible. The forbidden door concept has already brought several exciting surprises to AEW, and the inclusion of Mercedes Mone could potentially elevate the women's division to new heights.

The prospect of Mercedes Mone, a former IWGP Women's Champion, stepping into the squared circle against AEW's finest, including the good dentist herself, has generated immense excitement among fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

AEW has shown its willingness to collaborate with other promotions, and should Mone eventually grace the AEW ring, it would undoubtedly be a momentous occasion. As fans patiently await Mone's recovery and eventual return to action, the buzz surrounding a possible AEW appearance continues to build.

Britt Baker's enthusiasm and admiration for Mone's talent mirror the sentiments of wrestling fans worldwide, who eagerly anticipate seeing this remarkable athlete make her mark in AEW's vibrant wrestling landscape. Until then, the forbidden door may be closed, but the potential for thrilling surprises remains ever-present in AEW.

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