Brandon Cutler: No AEW Ideas Without Tony Khan Approval

AEW's Dynamic Creative Team: Fostering Innovative Storytelling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Brandon Cutler: No AEW Ideas Without Tony Khan Approval

AEW's creative process revolves around a collaborative effort with Tony Khan as the final authority for greenlighting ideas, according to Brandon Cutler, the Executive Producer of Content and an on-screen talent for the company.

Speaking with "Comedy Store Wrestling," Cutler shed light on the behind-the-scenes workings at AEW and how ideas flow through the company. While AEW has expanded its creative and production team, Cutler emphasized that all ideas must pass through Tony Khan.

He acknowledged that Khan has a team of people who assist him in this process, with coaches playing a significant role in helping talents shape their matches. Christopher Daniels, for instance, provides valuable input for the Young Bucks' matches, offering ideas and suggestions during the bout.

Collaborative Ideation: AEW's Creative Process

Cutler highlighted the collaborative nature of AEW's creative process, noting that some ideas come from various sources within the backstage team. Sometimes, suggestions from individuals behind the scenes find their way into the matches or storylines, enriching the overall product.

When it comes to crafting a match or angle, multiple team members contribute their ideas, resulting in a brainstorming session with ten to twelve people involved. The recent addition of Orange Cassidy as a backstage producer exemplifies AEW's commitment to enhancing its production.

Cassidy's responsibilities include communicating information to the production team during matches and running through match details with talent before they make their entrances. Despite the collaborative approach, Tony Khan remains the final decision-maker, ensuring that each idea aligns with AEW's vision and standards.

This structure not only streamlines the creative process but also allows for diverse perspectives to shape the final product. The combination of creative input from both in-ring talents and behind-the-scenes personnel contributes to AEW's reputation for dynamic storytelling and engaging matches.

As AEW continues to grow and evolve, the importance of collaborative creativity under Tony Khan's guidance remains a core aspect of the company's success. With a dedicated team working together, AEW aims to deliver compelling and memorable content to its ever-growing fan base.

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