Aubrey Edwards Short Stint as AEW Wrestler

AEW referee Aubrey Edwards takes an unexpected turn into wrestling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Aubrey Edwards Short Stint as AEW Wrestler

Aubrey Edwards, known for her role as a referee in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), took the world of professional wrestling by surprise when she stepped into the ring as a competitor last month. The unexpected turn of events saw Edwards partake in a tag team match, partnered with Mark Briscoe and his father, Papa Briscoe.

The triumphant team emerged victorious against formidable opponents Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, and Karen Jarrett on the June 16 episode of "AEW Rampage". Post the thrilling bout, Edwards announced her decision to return to her refereeing role, retiring undefeated.

Speaking on the "AEW Unrestricted" podcast, Edwards revealed her surprise turn as a wrestler was unplanned. She had always found her fulfillment in maintaining order in the wrestling ring, "yelling at dudes and shouting rules".

However, she was quick to seize the unexpected opportunity that presented itself, embracing it with enthusiasm. The chance to tag with Mark and Papa Briscoe was "pretty much the greatest thing in the world," Edwards recalled.

She expressed immense admiration and fondness for both her team members, describing Papa Briscoe as "the sweetest person" and a father figure who was proud of her achievement.

Edwards' Choice of 'Badass' Finisher

Discussing her chosen finisher during the match, the Figure-Four leg lock, Edwards confessed she relished using what was known as Lethal's signature move against his own teammate, Karen Jarrett.

According to her, it felt like a "badass move". Reflecting on her in-ring experience, Edwards admitted the physical toll it took on her body. It left her in awe of full-time wrestlers like Mark Briscoe who go through such rigorous routines weekly.

This experience only served to deepen her respect for them. Though the match was an exhilarating experience for Edwards, she's happy to hang up her wrestling boots for now. With a light-hearted chuckle, she stated, "I could not be happier [with the match], but I also could not be happier that it's done." Content with her undefeated record of 1-0, Edwards is ready to return to her primary role as an AEW referee.