Matt Riddle on AEW Competing with WWE

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Matt Riddle on AEW Competing with WWE

Usually, competition is good for any industry. For a seriously long time, the WWE has ruled the professional wrestling industry and maintained their position as the most successful wrestling promotion of the world. They are still the largest wrestling promotion of the world and continue to get bigger.

Their deal with FOX will see them make more than $400 million every year. The deal was signed recently. No indie promotion has even come close to being as big as the WWE, even though a few indie promotions are making a good amount of money.

The only wrestling company that people think might be able to beat the WWE is All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is a brand new wrestling promotion, and they can hire any wrestler that they want as they are backed by a billionaire.

AEW announced recently that they will be part of TNT. Matt Riddle is an NXT Superstar and he stated that he is excited about All Elite Wrestling. He stated on his Twitter account that competition is important: "The face you make when you know the greatest era of wrestling is about to begin because of great competition!

Thank You [folded hands emoji]" All Elite Wrestling already has signed Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. Many people consider these wrestlers to be the best indie wrestlers of the world.