CM Punk Eyeing AEW Star for Epic Collision!


CM Punk Eyeing AEW Star for Epic Collision!

AEW's "Collision" has emerged as a dominant force in the wrestling world, and the buzz surrounding this Saturday night show continues to grow. While an official brand split has not been implemented in AEW, certain performers have found their home on "Collision," and it seems that the legendary CM Punk has a particular star in mind to join the ranks of the so-called "Colliders."

CM Punk's Interest in Rush

Rumors are circulating that CM Punk is keen on having the talented Mexican sensation, Rush, as part of the "Collision" roster.

Punk has not been shy about publicly endorsing Rush, showing his support on social media platforms. When Rush inked his new AEW contract, Punk made a notable post on Instagram, featuring a picture of himself alongside the luchador, accompanied by the caption "Collider." Such gestures from Punk have sparked speculations about the potential addition of Rush to the roster, and fans are eagerly anticipating how this dynamic pairing might unfold on the show.

Currently, another notable Mexican star, Andrade El Idolo, has been making waves on "Collision" since his return to in-ring action in June. Andrade's ongoing feud with the formidable House of Black has been a highlight of the show, but the odds are stacked against him.

This is where Rush's involvement could prove pivotal. Considering Rush's close friendship and history of tag teaming with El Idolo, it is conceivable that he may join "Collision" to aid his comrade, while also forming an alliance with Bandido or Dralistico to set their sights on the highly coveted AEW World Trios Championships.

Before committing to AEW, rumors suggest that Rush had piqued the interest of WWE. However, negotiations reportedly hit a roadblock due to financial concerns. WWE was allegedly unwilling to meet the financial terms required to secure Rush's services, particularly for a role on "WWE NXT." In contrast, AEW stepped up and offered Rush a lucrative deal, sealing the deal and leading him to become an integral part of "Collision." While official confirmations are yet to be made, the potential addition of Rush to the "Collision" roster has ignited excitement and curiosity within the wrestling community.

As the show continues to deliver compelling storylines and showcase top-tier talent, fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of witnessing CM Punk and Rush join forces to further elevate the status of "Collision" as a must-see event in the wrestling calendar.

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