Brandon Cutler Contemplates Character Shift in AEW

Brandon Cutler's Character Evolution and Dream Match.

by Atia Mukhtar
Brandon Cutler Contemplates Character Shift in AEW

Brandon Cutler, during his tenure in AEW, has often found himself portrayed as a lower-tier talent, relegated to a comedic role. Whether it be enduring a string of losses or serving as The Elite's comedic foil, Cutler has displayed his humorous side.

However, in a recent interview with "Comedy Store Wrestling," he hinted that it might be time for a change in his character. The AEW roster boasts an abundance of exceptional wrestlers, each excelling in their own particular style.

Cutler acknowledged this fact but observed that when it comes to comedy, the roster is relatively thin, making it a viable niche for him. He shared his thoughts on the heightened competition within the industry, recognizing the need to excel and stand out among the best.

In his own words, "The game is elevated now, you can't just be kind of good, or like good enough, you need to be top shelf of whatever category you're going for." He believes he can attain that top spot in the comedy department and is determined to pursue it.

Cutler's Comedy Clash with Cassidy

While contemplating a possible shift to a more serious wrestling persona, Cutler hasn't completely abandoned his comedic roots. He expressed a desire for one final dream match in his stooge gimmick, and that would be against none other than Orange Cassidy.

Imagining a unique encounter, Cutler envisioned an entire match where both competitors keep their hands in their pockets throughout, adding a touch of humor to the potential bout. Reflecting on the potential character change, Cutler admitted that there are discussions about exploring new avenues, but nothing has been set in stone yet.

He is open to the idea of revisiting his "dragon" persona, a more serious wrestling character, or perhaps something entirely unforeseen that would bring fresh challenges and opportunities to his career. The wrestling world is dynamic, with characters evolving, shifting, and experimenting with various personas.

Brandon Cutler's contemplation of transforming his character showcases his dedication to growth and adaptability as a performer. Whether he embraces a more serious role or continues to embrace his comedic flair, fans will undoubtedly be eager to witness the evolution of Brandon Cutler in AEW.