Wrestling Champions Storming Hollywood

AEW's Star Toni Storm: Wrestler Turns Actress

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Champions Storming Hollywood

In an exciting crossover between wrestling and the silver screen, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar and reigning women's champion, Toni Storm, has secured a pivotal role in the much-anticipated biopic about the life of the pioneering female wrestler, Mildred Burke.

This news brings a fresh dimension to the wrestling entertainment scene, as it merges the worlds of professional wrestling and cinema. According to the International Movie Database (IMDB), the film, aptly titled "Queen of the Ring," will see Storm, whose real name is Toni Rossall, portraying the character of Clara Mortensen.

Initially, WWE superstar Liv Morgan was expected to bag this role, as reported by PW Insider. However, in an unexpected twist, the part has now fallen into Storm's lap. The film is set to chronicle the trailblazing career of Mildred Burke, often regarded as the first-ever million-dollar female athlete.

As a champion professional wrestler, Burke single-handedly revolutionized the sport during a period when female wrestling was largely prohibited across most of America. Her determination, courage, and unmatched talent brought her unprecedented fame, and her life story is a testament to her perseverance against all odds.

Wrestling Icons Turn Film Stars

Adding to the star power of the film, NWA Women's Champion Kamille is set to portray June Byers, while IMPACT Knockouts Champion Trinity will be stepping into the shoes of Ethel Johnson. With such a lineup, the film promises to deliver a powerful representation of the wrestling world, shedding light on the journey and struggles of these iconic women.

A release date for "Queen of the Ring" is yet to be announced. Fans of wrestling and cinema alike are eagerly awaiting this cinematic tribute to one of wrestling's most inspiring figures, set to be portrayed by some of the most talented women currently in the wrestling business.

This announcement only heightens the anticipation around the movie and marks a significant milestone for Toni Storm's career. As she prepares to make her film debut, fans will no doubt be excited to see how Storm, known for her powerful performances in the wrestling ring, showcases her acting chops on the big screen.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture that beautifully merges the worlds of wrestling and film, promising a compelling biopic that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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