Dr. Britt Baker Clears Air on LuFisto's AEW Status, Sources Confirm


Dr. Britt Baker Clears Air on LuFisto's AEW Status, Sources Confirm
Dr. Britt Baker Clears Air on LuFisto's AEW Status, Sources Confirm

Rumors have recently swirled within the wrestling community regarding a potential backstage conflict between Dr. Britt Baker and independent wrestler LuFisto. The speculation began when LuFisto took to social media, suggesting that backstage influence may have played a role in her exclusion from AEW.

However, it's important to note that LuFisto did not explicitly mention AEW in her post, leaving the actual situation open to interpretation. According to trusted sources close to Wrestling Inc., there is no truth to the rumor linking Dr.

Britt Baker to LuFisto's absence from AEW. Fightful also chimed in on the matter, reporting that LuFisto herself clarified to them that Baker is not the wrestler she was referring to in her tweet. As of now, the identity of the wrestler alluded to in LuFisto's post remains unknown, where she criticized women's divisions, asserting that the responsibility for their quality lies with the talent and not the booking team.

LuFisto's Remarks Amidst AEW Women's Criticism

The timing of LuFisto's comments coincided with heightened criticism of AEW's women's roster following an incident during the recent "Dynamite" episode on July 26th. On that particular show, Dr.

Britt Baker squared off against Taya Valkyrie, potentially leading fans and pundits to speculate that LuFisto's post was aimed at the former AEW Women's World Champion. "It's cute how people blame booking for a bad women's division.

Talent with too much power; talent denigrating each other; talent trash-talking potential employees so they never get in as soon as they walk in... It starts here," LuFisto expressed on social media. In a subsequent tweet, she made it clear that the company she referred to was not one she wanted to work for, adding that she preferred to avoid any toxic environment in her life.

While the wrestling community remains intrigued by the implications of LuFisto's comments, the focus should be on clarifying that Dr. Britt Baker is not involved in any capacity in the alleged backstage rift. As the situation continues to unfold, fans and industry insiders alike are left to wonder about the identity of the individual LuFisto alluded to in her social media post and how AEW's women's division will address the ongoing criticism and challenges.

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