Rhodes on Scripted Promos in AEW

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Rhodes on Scripted Promos in AEW

All Elite Wrestling is a professional wrestling startup. They announced recently they are now part of TNT! They will be airing their show on TNT’s prime time. AEW is now the second wrestling promotion to secure a deal with one of the top 25 cable networks of the U.S.

AEW officials were at the WarnerMedia Upfronts. Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes spoke about scripted promos with WrestlingNews.co and how much they will be a part of the AEW. "When it comes to promos, if we invested you, we already know your voice," Cody said.

"We just want to put the voice out there for more people to hear. There's great coaches we have, great collaborators. Guys like Jim Ross, guys like Billy Gunn, a bunch of guys I can't name. We have these great collaborators, plus all of us who want to make this work.

Collaboration yes, micromanagement no, scripted no, that's the best." "We're honest when we say that we want it to be very sports-centric," Brandi added. "In order to do that, it has to be focused on the bell-to-bell, the actual matches, less of the drama and the behind-the-scenes."

WWE has been criticized in the past for not letting their wrestlers write their own promos. It appears that the AEW wants wrestlers to write their own promos and use their own creativity to promote themselves.